Call For Submissions: Short Story Anthologies

“My Brain Just Exploded, The Bits Are Everywhere”

I’m looking for short story submissions to be included in a series of anthologies.

Would you like to participate in a mass experiment that will benefit you and other writers? Think you’ve got what it takes to write a kickass short story? Read on!


SUBMISSIONS OPEN: September 1st, 2012
SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: Once anthology positions are filled

What Are My Goals?

I’d like to establish the best way for authors to market their work for the biggest profits.
First and foremost, this knowledge is for my own benefit. When I publish my stories, I want them to be as successful as possible, as quickly as possible. But secondly, I’d like to teach my fellow writers to replicate my success (this is me trying to make a deposit to my karma bank).
The goal of these anthologies is to test marketing strategies and establish the best method. I consider my “project” successful when the authors earn a great sum in royalties and I earn enough to at least cover all my expenses.



So what will these anthologies be about? What sort of story should you submit?

Accepted genres:

Thriller (Adult)
Mystery (Adult)
Action (Adult)
Low-tech sci-fi (Adult)
Horror (Adult)

Swearing, violence, drug use, gore, etc is permitted, as long as these things don’t preceed the telling of a good story.
If including sex scenes, please don’t make them excessive/ pornographic. I’m not publishing erotica. NO RAPE SCENES (personal irk).

I’m not giving specifics regarding plot. I want the writer to be creative. I’m providing rough book covers below as your “prompt” for the story. If your story suits the book cover, that’s all I’m asking for.

Book Cover “Prompts”
(Please note that the book covers below are just rough drafts)

Rough Draft Anthology Covers - "Innocent" and "Cold Snap"Rough Draft Anthology Covers - "Crescendo" and "Last Of Us"


If your submission is accepted, you will receive your advance payment:

  • 2500 words: $25
  • 5000 words: $50
  • 10000 words $100

I’ll be paying in Aussie dollars (AUD).
All payments will be made via PayPal.

Please keep submissions as close to one of the above word counts as possible, as you will be paid appropriately.
(If, however, you produce an awesome story and it is not close to one of the above word counts, talk to me and we’ll see if I can work out a custom payment for you).

Authors will be informed of when an anthology earns out its advance.

Once the anthology earns out its advance payments, I will pay royalties, to be paid out every 3 months (at the very latest, payments will be made 30 days after the due date of payment) .
So if an anthology has 5 short stories, and each short story author was paid $25, the anthology would have to earn $125 in profits before royalty payments begin.

Royalties will be 10% of profits* earned per anthology.
So if an anthology has 5 short stories and has earned out its advance, each author will receive 10% of the anthology’s profits. This means that 50% of the book’s profits will go to the authors.

In the event of the short stories being sold individually (see “Individual Distribution” section below), the author will receive 30% of profits* for each such individual book sold. Royalties from individual sales will be added to and paid with royalties earned from the anthology.

Royalties will continue to be paid for a further 2 years after publishing rights have reverted back to the author.

*  “Profits” are deemed as the book’s earnings after the book’s distributor has taken their cut. For example, let’s say Amazon sells my ebook for $2.99. They give 70% of that sale to me ($2.09), and Amazon keeps 30% for itself ($0.90). I deem the profits to be $2.09. So each contributing author will receive 10% of $2.09. Anything that’s left will be what I use to pay for overheads (or help top up money I’ve spent out of my own pocket).



As all publishing costs will be coming out of my pocket, initially the anthology will only be published in digital format (English, worldwide distribution). Each contributing author will receive a digital contributor’s copy of the book.

As money allows, I may release a hardcover and/or paperback version of the anthologies and/or individual stories (English, worldwide distribution). Each contributing author will receive a contributors copy of the book (hardcover and/or paperback) if the stories do make it to print.

While authors will not receive royalties for hardcover and paperback sales, they will be able to purchase copies of the books at cost price to sell themselves if they wish.



I will be taking care of all marketing. Authors need not have any further input beyond the actual short story itself. Of course, authors are welcome to help promote the anthology, but it’s not expected.

I will be employing every successful marketing method I know of, as well as testing new methods.

My priority will be making each anthology as successful as possible, so I’ll be marketing each book like it was my own baby!



I would prefer to keep the short stories together as an anthology. But if I find that as part of a successful marketing strategy it would be best to release the short stories individually as well as an anthology, I will do so.

Of course, if a short story is published separately from the anthology, the story’s author will receive 30% of profits earned from the individual story. This is in addition to the royalties earned from the anthology.

Royalties from individual sales will be added to and paid with royalties earned from the anthology.


The author submitting the story must own full rights. The story must be completely original and not previously published or otherwise distributed in any other form, either digitally or otherwise.

After your submission is accepted and the advance is paid, I will be granted exclusive publishing rights. You will no longer have the right to publish or distribute the story either digitally or otherwise, in whole or in part, without my permission, for a period of two years.

After this two year period, rights will be reverted back to the author, though I must still retain rights to sell the work (in the formats established during the initial 2 year period- e.g. ebook anthology, ebook individual story, and hardcover anthology, English, worldwide distribution- I will NOT be granted permission to release new formats).

Please note that I’m pretty laid back, so if you ask for permission to use the work (e.g. to release an audio book) during the initial 2 year period, chances are high that I will grant permission as long as it doesn’t conflict with my marketing/publishing efforts.

Stories that are submitted but NOT accepted will remain the property of the author. I will not print or otherwise distribute any stories either digitally or otherwise, in whole or in part, that have not been accepted.



I will not accept rough drafts. But if your story shows a lot of promise but needs a little work, I may ask you (the author) to make the changes and resubmit.

All stories will be professionally edited before release. Authors will be sent the edited manuscript for approval before release. If the author and editor cannot come to an agreement regarding edits, and the author wishes to retract their submission, the author must refund their advance (covering any associated Paypal fees) if one has been paid. In rare circumstances, the author may also be required to pay for a portion of the editing fees upon retraction of their submission.



Submissions begin September 1st, 2012.

Submissions close once the spots for the anthology are filled (I may create a new anthology to accommodate submissions if I get heaps of great work, money permitting).

Emails should be sent to writers AT belindapepper DOT com
(replace “AT” with “@”, and “DOT” with “.” and remove spaces)

The subject line of the email should be as following:

Submission – [anthology name] – [Author name] – [Word count]

For example:
Submission – Innocent – John Doe – 2465

Within the body of your email, include the following info:

Your real name
Your pen name (if applicable)
Your Paypal address
The anthology your submission is for
Story title
Word count (word count as given by Microsoft Word is fine)
A short synopsis
Anything else you want to share

Note: Please make sure your synopsis is as good as possible! I will treat the synopsis as a sample of your writing skills. If your synopsis is awful, I might not read your story.

Attach your short story submission as a Word Document (please ensure the file format is .doc).

The title of your Word Document should be as follows:

[author name]-[anthology name]-[word count]

For example:

I’m not going to be too picky about the exact formatting of the Word Document, as I will likely be changing the formatting anyway. Please just make sure it’s easy to read (e.g. clear font, fat margins, decent line-spacing, a space between paragraphs, etc).

Please do not submit rough drafts. Submissions should be edited to the best of your ability.

Please do not submit any short stories that are in the process of being considered by agents/publishers/etc.

You are welcome to submit more than one story per anthology, and/or submit a story to each anthology.

Please do not resubmit rejected submissions unless a revised submission is requested.



Obviously my aim is to respond to submissions ASAP. But please give me 4 weeks per submission to respond.
If I haven’t responded by 4 weeks, feel free to send a follow-up to check that I received your work.



As releases will be dependent on receiving suitable submissions, an exact date of release cannot be given. However, each author will be kept updated on progress. I’ll be working with the authors to ensure release (and subsequent earnings) happens as soon as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read this MAMMOTH post! I sincerely hope I’ve offered something of value to you guys and gals!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can reach me quickest via email, but I’ll be sure to check here for comments too, just in case.

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  1. Sanjaya says:


    A great endeavour. I feel like submitting one of my stories. Will you be announcing the specifics about each of the anthologies?


  2. Sheseo says:

    hi Belinda,

    Shouldn’t that “Royalties will continue to be paid for a further 2 years after copyright has reverted back to the author.” be “Royalties will continue to be paid for a further 2 years after the publishing rights have reverted back to the author.”? And yes, I might have a story for you in mind ;-) SY

    PS It would be easier to follow this post / blog if you could offer ‘subscribe to comments’ and ‘subscribe to new posts’ by email ;-)

    • Belinda says:

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention, SY! I’ll fix that up. I’ve changed the wording of the clauses a few times (as per feedback) and looks like I missed that bit. :P

      Regarding the subscribe options- I’ll get right on that! This site is just bare bones at the moment, I aim to have everything running smoothly and fully operational by September 1st. ^_^

  3. Kisha Bennett says:

    Hello Belinda,
    Hope that you are well. I found the information for the submissions on AW and I would really love to participate. Please let me know when I could send something to you. Thanks and have a lovely day.

    Best Regards,
    Kisha B.
    Writing as Jordan Lane

    • Belinda says:

      Hi Kisha! Thanks so much for showing interest; I’d really love to get this project going ASAP.

      I’ve put it on hold in response to the feedback from AW, but I’m optimistic that when I open the project again, it will be even better than before. :D

      Keep an eye on this website- I’ll post updates here.


  4. Kisha Bennett says:

    Will do.
    Best wishes with your project.


    Kisha B.
    Writing as Jordan Lane

  5. Hi Belinda,

    Great project ahead. Will you be accepting short stories from Great Britain, where I live?

    kindest regards


  6. Majanka says:

    Hey Belinda,

    Any updates on this? :)

    • Belinda says:

      Working on the updated project right now! I’ve spoken to my editor buddy and he’s given me some golden advice, and will be lending his hand for the project.

      Will post the updates ASAP. Thanks for showing interest, Majanka!

  7. Sheseo says:

    Thanks for the update ;-) Do I see it right that the genres are just an indication / not set too firmly in stone? What about cross-genre stories? I have one in mind that would be kind of fantasy-mystery-crime. Would that be ok? Also you write “If I haven’t responded by 4 weeks, feel free to send a follow-up to check that I received your work.” What about just sending a canned email out when you have received a story, might be soothing for nervous authors ;-) SY

    • Belinda says:

      “Do I see it right that the genres are just an indication / not set too firmly in stone?”

      For these anthologies, I would like stories to conform to one of the genres listed (or a cross between two or more of those genres). That being said, I recommend you write your story anyway! I’m not beyond publishing more anthologies if the editor gives the green light. :D

      And thanks for the suggestion too! I hate canned emails, but I agree this would probably be a good time to use one.

  8. Kisha Bennett says:

    I can see you are working hard Belinda! I am so excited for you and really hope to be a part of the project when you get it up and running. I’ll keep checking.

    Best Regards,

    Kisha B.
    Writing as Jordan Lane

  9. Morad says:

    I can’t think of any specific witrer I’ve found through anthologies, though I know that I have. What I like about anthologies is that when I’m crazy busy, I can take time out to read one complete story a beginning, middle, and end all in one sitting. I like the completion. I don’t have to fight the urge to look at the ending to see what happens. And lately I’ve been crazy busy a lot!

  10. Kisha Bennett says:

    Hello! Still checking to see when you will be ready?


    Writing as Jordan Lane

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